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A collaborative capsule of forward-thinking eyewear launching in early 2022 

The project's conception started in 2019 at SILMO when the co-founder of Miga Studio, Alessandro Fedalto and the HOET design team met for the first time.
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Morrow Eyewear

Autofocal lenses in a beautiful pair of eyeglasses: definitely possible!
We prove that with the frames that we have designed for Morrow Eyewear.
They developed the groundbreaking technology of autofocal lenses and we ensured that these can be discretely integrated in stylish eyewear.
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Morà Eyewear

Eyewear in marble? Hoet loves challenges …

Hoet was approached by an Italian company with know-how in fine mechanics and marble, but without any experience in eyewear.
It took only one visit to the company to understand that there is a perfect match between Hoet and Morà.
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Yuniku is an eyewear collection designed by Hoet for HOYA.
The Yuniku eyewear collection is the result of an encounter between lenses and eyeglasses.
It is not only an optics collection, but also a tailored concept focused on taste, visual impairment and anatomical sizes of every wearer of eyeglasses. 
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Seiko Xchanger

This sports eyewear collection was designed to enhance the image and activities of Seiko. A perfect view, a perfect fit and perfect look – all that and more is what characterises the SEIKO Xchanger. The modular frame is produced with 3D printing and can be adapted to every personal style and type of sport.
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Theo Eyewear

The non-conventional, colourful glasses of Theo Eyewear stand out by their distinctly playful design and materials. They are produced using new and advanced techniques and they offer superb comfort due to the perfect balance between the sturdiness and flexibility of the frame.
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