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About the Belgian design studio Hoet

With more than 30 years of experience in designing eyewear, Hoet is synonymous with innovation in the field of optics. Not only the recent 3D-laser print eyewear, but also the earlier designed glasses conceived by Hoet for Theo, using laser technology and chemical etching, attest to their innovative spirit.

They were pioneers in the market who were quickly followed by many others. Today it is impossible to imagine the eyewear business without laser cutting and chemical etching. The first steps taken by Hoet in this unexplored territory still result in many new applications.

In 2011, Hoet became acquainted for the first time with 3D-printing technology, which was used for digital production in dental prostheses. Given that the precision required in that field applied just as well to the production of glasses, Hoet was inspired to examine this technology from close up.

The high investment costs and the limited guarantee of good results deterred any potential commercial partners from wanting to join this venture. Therefore, Hoet ultimately decided to use only his own assets for embarking on a research path, supported by the technology sector and the pioneers of 3D printing technology. At the end of 2013, this resulted in a groundbreaking design for eyewear, which was featured in the private collection of Hoet Couture (titanium) and Cabrio (synthetics). 

This began a reversal in attitude and convinced commercial partners of the opportunities and advantages that Hoet offers as a freelance designer. 

Operating procedure


The first phase entails extensive consultations with you and a thorough analysis of your needs, wishes and possibilities. We think proactively, in line with the activities of your business, the branding of your brand or your personality as an individual.

Together with you, we examine how your brand is recognised and perceived by your existing and potential customers, how they want to identify with it and be actively part of it. Subsequently, we translate your specific character into a unique design.

Our analysis is deep and extensive. This means that later we can build further based on the existing eyewear collection using expansions, variations and sub-lines.

Proposal for a concept

Following the design phase, we provide you with a proposal for a concept. It is essential for us that our designs make you a distinct and unique customer, but also that your brand and personality remain distinguishable. In this context, active consultations with you are just as important. Once you give us your final approval, we can begin producing the prototypes.

Prototype and production

Since we design by using the latest 3D-drawing techniques, we are also capable of using traditional techniques and/or 3D printing to create a complete, ready-to-use prototype for you in high quality, anti-allergic, light – yet durable – material.

This prototype is tested extensively on fit and wear comfort. At this stage, we can still carry out minor adjustments and refine the finishing to achieve a perfect result.
Prototypes that get final approvals are released and, if a complete series is planned, outsourced for further production.

Always that little something more...

During this process, in addition to your close consultative meetings with Hoet Design Studio, you can also count on our collaboration with additional parties. To test the prototypes of our personal collections, we use our own optician shop. These findings, in addition to the feedback from our own opticians and customers, are used to further enhance our understanding of the eyewear business.
Needless to say that this expertise and our reputation in the world of optics can only benefit your product!

Do you want to translate your brand into a splendid line of eyewear? Contact us today and submit your plans to us.