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Due to their revolutionary technology, these autofocal eyeglasses can only be produced by means of 3D-printing.
MONO is the simplest model and is fully 3D-printed in polyamide.

The integration of electronics demands a different approach, but as always, these limitations are precisely what hones our creativity.

Contrary to other smart eyeglasses, the next generation built-in microtechnology of Morrow Autofocal eyewear offers a functional solution for better vision.


Autofocal eyewear and the 3D-print technology are the absolute next and very important step within the world of optics.

In the second model DUO, the bridge is printed in polyamide; the lower rims in titanium.
The combination of two different materials adds a subtle refinement to the eyeglasses.


In the third version CONCEPT, the polyamide bridge gets an open-worked lower rim in titanium.
The angular shapes of the metal structure are inspired by parametric architecture and refer to the shapes of the monogram of Morrow.
The Autofocals are completely dust and spatter resistant and comply with the IP54 waterproof norms.

For additional explanations about the revolutionary technology of the autofocal lenses, please see