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Research and innovative techniques since 1989

Our strength lies in our passion for innovation in design, techniques and materials. Essential to our design process is extensive research, thorough knowledge of materials and the talent to adapt old techniques into new ones.

Patrick Hoet was one of the first eyewear designers who used advance laser techniques to cut components for eyewear from steel plates. We are also the first company to market 3D-laser printed glasses in titanium. Various innovative techniques and new composite materials were patented and are used routinely in the designs for Theo and for other customers, as well as in our own collections Hoet Couture, Costume and Cabrio.

Hoet Design Studio possesses the technical expertise and has a specialised team that uses the most advanced techniques to realise its designs. Digital designs are conceptualised totally in 3-D so that the components and even complete frames of the glasses are produced by means of the latest 3-D laser printed techniques.

Limitations stimulate creativity

With an open mind and persistent inquisitiveness, we keep a keen eye on potential applications and materials from other sectors. Over the years, we have built an extensive database of materials based on samples from the building sector, the automotive sector and even from the medical sector. Eyewear made from amazing materials is the result of this.

We regularly visit technology fairs and we keep on investing in research and training. We constantly explore the limits of new materials and techniques in order to apply them successfully in the world of optics.
Every day we experience the fact that our creativity is stimulated by the limitations imposed by the design or the materials.

Function, look and feel in perfect harmony

Designers Patrick Hoet and his daughter Bieke find their inspirations in daily life, their immediate surroundings and new technologies. At the base of any design, there is no doubt the incessant questioning of what might appear to be obvious.
An answer to the question elicits yet more questions that impel the design process forward.

That way, existing designs lead to new designs, new materials to new applications and new techniques to new and often surprising results.

Hoet stands for eyewear design that excels by its functionality, realised by means of traditional and/or new production techniques. It is amazing in look and feel as a result of using unique materials or special finishing processes. It stands out by its attractive design in perfect harmony with production possibilities.