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Seiko Xchanger: The future of sport vision

In collaboration with Materialise, one of Europe’s leading companies in 3D printing, Hoet Design Studio – under the leadership of designer Bieke Hoet – has developed a sport eyewear line for Seiko Optical Europe. The Seiko Xchanger collection was launched internationally in 2015 and in that same year received the prestigious French Silmo d’Or Award in the category of Sport Equipment.

The Xchanger sports eyewear collection was designed to enhance the image and activities of Seiko. For decades, the company has been sponsoring the sports world at the highest levels. It is a partner for official electronic timing systems at international sport competitions and it maintains close bonds with top athletes. Furthermore,

Seiko is an innovator in high-end technologies and sustainable energy consumption.

The modular 3D printed sports eyewear is perfectly adaptable to every person's personal style and specific type of sport. The Seiko Xchanger sport eyewear constitutes a perfect symbiosis with the wearer by the choice between the various sizes and inclination angles and up to 200 options for colour combinations for the separate components of the eyewear.

Special features of the eyewear are a built-in ventilation system that prevents the lenses from fogging, a wide curving frame and lenses produced with high-curve technology for all-around protection. All this guarantees top performance on any terrain.